About Us

Columbo's is celebrating 30 Years in business!
But where did it all begin?

In 1988, after several years of working within the local flooring industry, Jim Clarambeau (a.k.a. “Columbo”) decided to take a gamble on his keen business-sense and go into business for himself. With his reputation and a gentlemen’s handshake, he secured a lease on a small warehouse & office, rented a Hi-Lo, and purchased his first few rolls of carpet. Then, holding true to his personal mantras of “Keep It Simple” and “Do the Right Thing”, Jim set out providing the best service and value in town to the multifamily apartments industry.

Columbo's Commercial Carpet, Inc. vintage showroom photos

Columbo's Commercial Carpet, Inc. had arrived, and the rest, as they say, is history!


“When I look back on the last 30 years, it’s
amazing to me how much the company has
grown. I never really envisioned having more
than a few employees or doing more than a
million dollars in business!”
- Jim Columbo, Founder. 

To say that Columbo’s has evolved over the years is an understatement. In May of 1997, Jim brought on his son-in-law,
Scott Ehrhardt, to help him manage an ever-expanding business. Never losing their focus on providing excellent service
and great value to their customers, Columbo’s quickly started experiencing success in other sectors of the market. To
enhance this, in 2005 Jim and Scott joined Floors To Go – a national merchandising group focused on excellence in the retail
sector. Although still independently owned and operated, they embraced the branding and the unique advantages it
added to the company and started doing business as “Columbo’s Floors To Go”.

Jim and Scott, circa 2005, showing off their new “Floors To Go” merchandising displays!
Jim and Scott, circa 2005, showing off their new “Floors To Go” merchandising displays!

In the fall of 2014, Jim announced his retirement (his exact words were “I’m going fishing and I’m not coming back”), and Scott assumed ownership. With his own passionate commitment to excellence and a positive company culture, Scott began proudly carrying forward the family business, building upon Jim’s deeply rooted family values and tradition of candidly treating everyone with respect.


"I have a tremendous amount of respect
and appreciation for the way Jim always prioritized
the fact that this was a “family business”, and
to him that meant that EVERYONE involved
should be treated as such. He’s been a great
mentor, and I have always been very grateful
to him for taking  a chance on me to be his
partner in building this company,and for
entrusting me with its legacy now that he has
retired. I love this company and its’ people,
and I’m proud to be carrying the torch forward."
- Scott Ehrhardt, Owner/President

Today, the Columbo’s “family” includes nearly 40 employees as well as a many independent sub-contractors, suppliers and other related business partners – not to mention the multitude of happy customers and friends they’ve made over the past 30 years!  

In turn, while still the local leader in service to the Multifamily Apartments Industry, Columbo’s is now a favorite destination for Home Builders, Restoration Companies, Commercial Contractors, Interior Designers and Individual Home-Owners, alike. The beautiful showroom at Columbo’s features on-staff Interior Designers to help select the best products in the latest styles of carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate flooring, luxury vinyl, countertops, area rugs and window fashions, making it the perfect source for EVERYONE! 

Columbo’s invites you to stop in and become a part of our family history!