Farm House Chic

We are always honored to assist and guide our clients through the selections and design process when transforming their home. Last year we had the opportunity to assist a local couple with creating their dream home that featured farmhouse charm in a black and white theme. Designer Shay Hawkins assisted the client in finding the perfect selections to achieve their vision. “This home was full of classic farm house details with a chic twist. The client focused on using natural feeling elements with a black and white base that she could interchange seasonal décor with to complete the look. It is always inspiring to work with clients that have such a strong vision. I enjoyed selecting materials that fit the home but also met the needs of their lifestyle,” says Shay.  

Check out photos from during construction to the current styled interior. 
Click below to view a larger image.


KITCHEN/MAIN FLOORS: Armstrong Luxe Rigid Core Farmhouse Plank, Color Natural

MASTER BATHROOM FLOOR: Ragno Rewind Hex Tile, Color Peltro

MASTER BATHROOM SHOWER: Colour & Dimension 8X12 tile, Color, Artic Bright White 
Soho Mosaic, Color Matte Black

MASTER CLOSET CARPET: Tuftex After Hours, Color Coventry 

POWDER ROOM FLOOR: Retro Penny Rounds, Color Bold White & Canvas Black

BASEMENT FLOORS: Mannington Deco LSV, Color Wrought Iron


BUILDER: Classic Home Construction
WRITTEN BY: Alexis P Siegel
DATE: October 2018