Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning is the tradition we all have a love-hate relationship with. There is nothing quite like wiping the slate clean, opening your windows, and letting the fresh air hit your dust free home! Here are a few tips and tricks to getting your home spring ready!

Go Room By Room: 

The key to getting the job done efficiently and effectively is to work on one room at a time and work from top to bottom. Start with a quick declutter of the space to prep the work zone for deep cleaning action. Top down cleaning means that you begin by dusting from the ceiling, to the corners of the wall, to the top of the wall hangings, and to the baseboards! Don’t forget to hit the ceiling fan and/or light fixtures with a dusting and then a quick polish (using murphy’s oil (for wood), or a mild cleanser for other materials). Follow up your trip through the room with a heavy cleaner to wipe finger prints and grime from light switches, door frames, knobs, and handles. Take a moment to wash out trash containers with a disinfectant to banish crud. Next, depending on the room, wipe down all counters, sinks, tables, and shelves with an approved cleanser. Finish the trip with a vacuum, sweep, and mop to pick up the last bits of dust.  
The Dusty Dirty:

Deep cleaning essential step- the dreaded drapes & blinds! Spring is the best time to take down drapes, curtains, and blinds for a cleaning. After months of closed windows and settling dust, now is time to wash your home of the allergens before the windows are open and the breeze is blowing the dirt around. Always read care instructions for each textile. Don’t forget to wash the windows, sills, and precarious corners that seem to gather grime. 

Clean House:

While removing the dust, dirt, and grime is essential to feeling clean, so is the removal of clutter! Here is a quick list of areas to target clutter (toss, organize, donate):

Expired food & spices (fridge & pantry)
Mismatched containers, mugs, utensils, etc.
Old takeout condiments, utensils, menus 
Organize that junk drawer!
Recycle grocery bags

Medicine cabinet- properly dispose of any medications 
Empty bottles in the shower 
Old toothbrush, makeup, nail polish, etc..
Tired towels & washcloths 

Donate clothes not worn in the last +8 months
Toss old socks, undergarments, shoes, or damaged items
Mismatched hangers 
Old pillows, sheets, & blankets

Recycle magazines, mail, newspapers, etc..
Check underneath couch cushions!
Donate well-loved books & toys
Keep it Natural

Consider natural alternatives to traditional harsh chemicals. Products such as vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils are effective cleansers that offer the same disinfecting, odor banishing, and grime busting properties that harsh cleaners provide. You can find natural alternatives in the local supermarket, or you can make your own! Always, read the label and make sure the ingredients are safe for your family, pets & home. 

Going the Extra Mile

Schedule professionals to come finish the job; carpet & grout cleaning, exterior window washing, roof power washing, air duct cleaning, etc. Don’t forget to get the whole family involved, every set of hands cuts the job down significantly. Spring cleaning is no simple task, devise a plan, stick to it, and start reaping the rewards!

Written by: Alexis P Siegel
DATE: march 2018

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