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Columbo's Lifetime Installation Warranty

Lifetime Installation Warranty certificate
Quite simply put, we at Columbo’s want to make sure you are as confident with our installation services as we are.  Therefore, we take the “worry factor” out by guaranteeing all workmanship to be done correctly and up to the highest industry standards.  

And we don’t limit it to only a year or two.  We stand behind our installation for the LIFETIME of the flooring!  If you EVER have a problem with your flooring due to faulty installation, we’re going to take care of it!  

Now you can feel free to move forward knowing we’ve got you covered!
Here’s How It Works
»» If you ever have a concern with the performance of your flooring, simply give us a call, and a representative of Columbo’s will come out to inspect it and assess what’s going on
»» At our discretion, we may choose to file a claim with the manufacturer, to rule out any potential issues with the product itself
»» We may also choose to utilize a qualified third-party inspection service to make an official determination as to the cause of the problem
»» If it is determined that there has been a failure in the performance of the product due to improper/faulty installation, we’ll do whatever it takes to correct the problem!
The “Fine Print”
In order to effectively offer this warranty to our customers, it’s important to make sure we’re all on the same page as to exactly what is included:
»» This warranty applies to all installation labor/workmanship performed by Columbo’s own installers and its subcontracted affiliates only. 
»» All materials/products are subject to the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.
»» This warranty ensures that all installation labor has been done per industry standards and/or as specified by the manufacturer
»» Columbo’s reserves the right to utilize a qualified third-party inspection service to determine the cause of any/all problems
»» If it is determined that the problem is the result of improper installation, Columbo’s will correct the problem, not to exceed the scope of the original work performed. 
»» Columbo’s reserves the right to make repairs in lieu of a full replacement, if/whenever appropriate.
»» Columbo’s reserves the right to decline responsibility where damage/repairs/alterations have been made or attempted by others